It is an amazing feeling knowing that when your dreams and your passions combine, the possibilities are endless…

My dream: making a difference, touching a life.
My passions: traveling and learning about other cultures (including their foods!).
My endeavors: spending time with grassroots, nonprofit organizations all around the world…  to live and become immerse in those cultures… and hopefully to make a difference.

With each adventure, excitement and complete contentment fill my days. I have grown and learned so much about myself with every place.  I am indebted to those who have shared their lives with me throughout my travels, in person and in spirit. I have been forever changed and moved by these experiences. The impression and impact left upon me with each place is always great. It is my continued hope that I will be able to touch a life in each place I visit.

The work varies in each country, based on the need. Whether that is working with the orphans, impoverished women or using art to help revive and beautify a remote town depends on the country and the organization.  Whenever possible, I offer and share my services to help the organization with their planning, budgeting and numbers.

Ideally, I spend at least a month in each place to contribute however I can.  I always opt to live with a host family or with the organization, if possible.  I gladly welcome and embrace the opportunities given to me.  And I try to allot a few days time in each country to properly and further explore the country’s culture, history, nature, food and people.

I have discovered that even when the travel and exploration is confined to the small town or village where I am working, optimism and the goodness of people are ample stimuli for a memorable and meaningful experience. I appreciate life and all its wonders so much more as a result of my time with the amazing souls and all of the hopes, dreams and positive energy that they all possess.  And this is just the beginning.


Kindness inspires me. Love and laughter fuel me. I am able to pursue this dream because of the amazing people in my life, my inspirations. I am proud to share my experiences with you as I travel along this journey.



  1. You truly inspire me! I look forward to your wonderful stories and most definitely your beautiful pictures. *

  2. That is so awesome! All the best!

  3. Me fascina tu amor a la humanidad! Que Dios te bendiga con muchas experiencias inolvidables!

  4. Quyen, I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to hear about your upcoming adventures. Your selfless nature is definitely an inspiration.

  5. You have always been an inspiration to me even before this amazing journey you are about to take. I’m so happy for you. Please share all the wonderful experiences ahead with me:)

  6. Quyen, I’m very proud about your caring for humanity. It’s a big sacrify that not many people are willing to do. I hope I can follow your footsteps someday! Live your dream and you won’t ever regret it.

  7. I can’t believe it! Have fun!

  8. You were always the girl who saw the world before we did! I think you have a contagious attitude about life which I am fond of! Go meet the world ’cause your heartfelt smile will definitely brighten someone’s day!

  9. Quyen, I guessed that you follow your dream. “Do what you love, Money will follow”. It can be fun and excitement. Be happy!

  10. I definitely support your decision because I know you know best what it is good for you. It also a good opportunity for you to learn about life, especially the life and the needs of the miserable. I am sure that the new experiences will give you a different concept about the planet which we are in. We only worry that it would be a hardship for you and we also concern about the security condition in Cambodia and Turkey.
    Always love you. Daddy.

  11. I am very proud of you !! I hope that you enjoy this wonderful experience, and make sure that you are careful and aware of the potential dangers as well. You have a BIG heart, and I KNOW that you will make a difference….

  12. Quyen, I wish your dream will come true, I can’t wait to share wonderful stories and experiences with you. I am very proud of you and will miss you…

  13. That’s sounds amazing, just like you! Have a a wonderful journey! We’ miss you.

  14. Quyen, I wish you all the best in your journey, not to many of us have the motivation and courage to go after their dreams. You are truly one to admire. I wish you all the best that life offers. I am looking forward to hearing your wonderful stories and adventures…

  15. Soooooo amazing!!

  16. World traveler…where in the world are you these days….touching lives I know…travel well.

    • That is so nice to know that you are keeping up with me! I haven’t been anywhere outside the States this year, not yet. But I will…. I must update my travels from last year now that I know people are interested in hearing about it! Thank you for the reminder and support! :). Smiles, Q

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